Living Life by the Maramataka

July 3, 2020, 1:21 p.m.

A resurgence in understanding maramataka in the last five years has seen many around the country wanting to align their lives to the lunar cycle. For Heeni Hoterene, who has been closely studying the moon phases for 16 years, the resurgence has also been about people searching for connection and guidance.

“I wasn’t brought up with Maramataka but my koro planted by the moon and I didn’t really know why.

It wasn't until she met Rueben Taipari Porter, who's family had remained living on their land, gardening and fishing and used the maramataka that she fully began to understand it's potential to guide how we live every day. 

Hoterene has trained over 5000 people to understand the moon and says a shift in how we operate as a country would result in huge benefits. She has seen it in education with some schools that use the maramataka to structure their school year and with whānau that can express tino rangatiratanga over their whenua and way of life. 

“People are feeling really disconnected, unsatisfied and looking for something that will guide them."  

Hoterene acknowledges the gardeners and fishermen that kept the maramataka alive despite the colonisation of time by northern hemisphere concepts. She said "It’s to keep us alive. And how do we do that? By following the maramataka and making sure we follow the right action at the right time”


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