Guide to Revive Practice Around The Country

Aug. 6, 2020, 9:27 a.m.

WARNING: People may find some images in this story disturbing as they show the traditional practice of whale flensing - viewer discretion is advised

Te Kaurinui (Ngati Wai) is the son of renowned tohunga tohorā, Hori Parata. The first whale that Hori flensed was named Te Kauri Nui because it resembled a big Kauri tree, and his son is named in commemoration of that event. 

Whakapapa is often celebrated through Māori names and these sometimes commemorate events, tūpuna (ancestors), places, the landscape and other characteristics of traditional Māori environments. Naming traditions associated with people, places, iwi, hapū and marae is steeped in tikanga Māori. 

During this episode of Haukāinga, Te Kaurinui shares his journey of learning to flense tohorā with his pāpa Hori. He also shares his whakaaro on the places that tohorā beach and his perspective on the decision-making role of tangata whenua regarding tohorā that beach in their rohe. 


Tags: Tohora


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