Mothers Moving Mountains

Aug. 19, 2020, 10:32 a.m.

Mothers Moving Mountains is an initiative run through 155 community centres in response to the Child Poverty Action Group which identified supporting mothers as a key solution to helping lift children out of poverty.

The facilitator, Shirley-Anne Brown, says the circles have been developed by mothers defining their dreams whether it be businesses, relearning training or celebrating being carers. 

“They are our best climate changers because they are at home. Mothers Moving Mountains is an incubator for those mothers’ dreams and it’s an honour to be a part of that”.

In the last year, the mothers have worked on a range of goals such as getting their children back, buying a home, implementing fitness groups into the community and gaining employment.  They have also overcome issues of depression and anxiety by learning to open up to each other in a safe environment.

“ I was wanting to go back to work but I couldn’t juggle but being in Mothers Moving Mountains taught me a lot. I want to do nursing so I got into studying, part-time health care assistance which I love and also facilitation.  It built a lot of confidence and the power of being in the circle with mums and women.  Māmās hold down the fort and I think that’s what it is, the confidence it gives you and how you can relate so easily and you can drop your guard down with no judgement”.


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