Nominations Begin for Māori Standing Committee

Aug. 31, 2020, 11:51 a.m.

Recently, the Whangārei District Council implemented a strategy to get more Māori at the table for decision making and initiated a strategic plan under the Local Government Act.

At a WDC meeting in May, Councillor Halse presented the working committee’s terms of reference, withdrawing the option to move towards the formation of a Standing committee and included an increased budget.  The recommendation was passed with only one opposition.  

Members of Whangārei hapū came out on Saturday to put their nominations forward for the Te Karearea Standing committee which will represent Maori at the Whangarei District Council.

“Te Huinga is where kaupapa drop on the table, and discussions if the kaupapa is big enough.  It’s discussions on tīkanga, advice and recommendations.  Te Karearea is our team that go forward to the council and bring the issues,” Te Huinga representative Deborah Harding said.

“It's topical at the moment the lack of Māori at the table so it's timely.  More important is there's a willingness by this council to take a look at it.”

The nomination are:

☑️ Timaru Davis, Te Parawhau

☑️ Mira Norris, Te Pouwhenua o Tiakiri

☑️ Hone Kingi, Ngāti Kahu o Torongare

☑️ Delaraine Armstrong, Ngāti Hine

☑️ Edith Davis Sigley, Aorangi Kawiti, Te Waiariki Ngāti Kororā

☑️ Gayle Wellington, Ngāti Takapari

☑️ Len Bristowe, Chevon Horsford, Te Orewai

☑️ Jade Kake, Ngāti Hau

☑️ Jared Pitman, Patuharakeke

☑️ Tame Te Rangi, Ngā Hapū  o Mangakahia

☑️ Merepeka Henley, Ngā Hapū o Whangaruru

Successful candidates will be announced on September 10.


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