First Responder Service Rebuild in Kaitaia

Dec. 5, 2020, 8:59 a.m.

Red Cross NZ is looking to rejuvenate their Kaitaia/Far North Branch of volunteers to carry out relief services should a disaster (natural or other) occur in the Far North. The Kaitaia branch first started in 1939 before the Second World War. The eldest member still going turned 95 earlier this year.

David Pennington of the Whangārei Branch says "We are doing a Kaitaia rebuild looking for a new generation the next people that are ready to help with disasters, the first people on the ground."

Kaitaia's Branch Secretary Tammy Peri of Te Rarawa says "I hope to build a team here that can help us educate, and teach our community how to be resilient and be prepared for when a disaster comes".

"I think the Red Cross can help our marae communities. They have all the tools ready especially for disaster relief, they have the knowlege to teach us how to be better prepared." says Ms Peri.

"We work with evacuation centers and quite often it's at a marae setting. It's not our (Red Cross) place, it's a marae, so we need to understand and work with cultures there so we can come and support anyway we can." says Mr Pennington.

The Red Cross are reknown for there Welfafre Response Services in disaster hotspots all around the world. From areas of war conflict to natural disasters the volunteer services of the Red Cross are visible, and work tirelessly to ease some of the suffering of those afflicted by the wake of tragedy.

For info on how to join the Red Cross NZ:

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