Ngāpuhi Most Unified at Waitangi

Feb. 10, 2021, 9:05 a.m.

Another successful week of Waitangi commemorations has wrapped up for the year - the result of effective collaboration between Ngāpuhi   and many other groups who've put in six months of preparation leading up to the occasion.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds Cultural Manager and Commemorations Coordinator Mori Rapana says Waitangi staff, Police, Iwi Liaison Officers, Fire and Emergency, Diplomatic Protection Squad, Ministers Offices and Bishops are only some of those who united to ensure New Zealands most significant day ran smoothly.

With the taumata made up of both experienced and upcoming kaikōrero and kairanga from across Ngāpuhi, guided by kuia and kaumātua, Rapana says the day is testament to how unified Ngāpuhi can be, and really are.

For the full story, watch the clip above.

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