Rongoā Māori Clinic Provides Greater Access

March 23, 2021, 10:12 a.m.

A new clinic has opened at Kaitaia Hospital that provides rongoā Māori services to the community. The 'Ngā Rongoā Māori" clinic is a long-held aspiration of many rongoā practitioners in the region and will provide more pathways of healing for patients accessing healthcare.

It will be open every Wednesday from 9 am will provide romiromi and mirimiri, tohunga wairua and wai rākau services, as well as access to and knowledge about other forms of rongoā. For many tohunga these practices went 'underground' following the passing of the Tohunga Suppression Act and many practices were ultimately lost. The clinic brings rongoā Māori into a mainstream setting to provide greater access to those who need it.

A clinic based in the Whangaroa community hopes to open soon. Learn more by watching the video above. 

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