Understanding the Importance of Midden Sites

April 19, 2021, 11:24 a.m.

Patuharakeke has taken the opportunity to work alongside council on the installation of a seawall as a way of educating rangatahi on midden archaeology.

Midden is being excavated slowly and hapū representative Ari Carrington says bringing in children to experience the process will hopefully inspire tamariki to look at archeology as a career.

“Midden is where tūpuna returned their kaimoana after they ate,” Carrington said.

In the case of this cultural site, tūpuna sat on the shore over a couple of hundred years and have left behind evidence of their history in the shoreline that can be investigated.

“This midden goes all the way over the hill and back down to Ruakākā pā so it will be interesting to match it up.  We can carbon date these shells and we can work out how old the shell is and the coals and work out which tūpuna were here.”


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