SNA Forum Highlights Failures

June 9, 2021, 2:35 p.m.

The proposed Significant Natural Areas issue has blazed across social media since local voices highlighted the issue identified in the Far North District Council Draft District Plan at the beginning of May. The debate was brought into the Far North District Council Chambers on Tuesday with some of those voices invited to sit around the table and ask their questions directly to those involved in the development of plan. Tangata whenua, rural sector representatives and participants joining online raised a number of issues with technicians and Councillors, in particular, the timing, failures in the consultation process and the impact the policy may have on those affected land owners and kaitiaki. We talked to those that sat around the table and other Councillors about their concerns - WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE. You can watch the full forum on the FNDC Youtube Channel.

Tags: Tiriti Mana Motuhake Governance


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