Local Māmā Officially Launch Businesses

July 13, 2021, 10:08 a.m.

A group of Māori women have been facilitating workshops, testing ideas and networking for the last two years in what has developed into the successful Māmā Moving Mountains programme turning ideas into fully functioning businesses. To enter the programme all candidates must go through the “My Why” course led by Harley and Kayla who have upskilled themselves in the area of facilitation. “We want them to know that purpose is important. The tool itself uses the participants' past to identify what helps shape and make the person they are today, using those memories we dip into where they have performed at their best. What did that environment look like? How were you feeling? Were you at service to someone? Was it for yourself? We wanted to get all those ingredients and create a tailored tool for māmā to succeed.” Owner of Hauora Whakamana, Sherie Rewiti says they have managed to fine tune their skills over the last two years and deliver a programme with results. “We’ve got more insight now into what we have been doing with the kaupapa. It's been a kete filled with networks and mentorship as wāhine to smash whatever we want to do in our pākihi space.”


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