Maui Moves Into Augmented Reality

July 29, 2021, 10:30 a.m.

Four local organisations have collaborated to deliver the installation of Nga Pakiwaitara ā Maui at Hihiaua Cultural Centre in an augmented reality experience. Bigfish, Awhi World, Te Au Mārie Trust and Hihiaua Centre worked on three stories of Maui and developer Maggie Buxton says the interactive installations are designed to be oriented towards listening as opposed to visual. “We brainstormed a lot of ideas, there were lots of parameters and we came up with using augmented reality because it is engaging, new and involves telling our stories in a whole different way. The stories are; the lower jaw and seeking knowledge, Maui fishing up the North Island and Maui going into the underworld and learning about his mother. “The visuals are simple and meant to symbolically represent what's happening in your ears. They're a portal through to other knowledge, you hear the story, your interest is peaked and then you would come to wananga with Te Warihi over the coming months.” “It's the same kind of technology games are created with. Fundamentally it is quite appropriate technology to use and the nature of them being digitised is quite different to carving,” said Creative Technologist, Kim Yule. Te Wārihi Hetaraka worked alongside the project and says the installation provides authentic knowledge and is a chance for local communities to reflect their stories in a way that is engaging.


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