Putting Meat & Manaaki on the Table

Aug. 24, 2021, 9 a.m.

At just 17 years old, Haane Rudolph moved to Australia to broaden his horizons and experience life in the 'big smoke'. It was by chance that he saw a job vacancy sign for an Apprentice Butcher.

Upon starting, he realised that he had a passion for butcher. He remembers watching his uncles on the farm and on the marae as a youngster and realised that butchery was already a big part of his life.

He represented New South Wales twice and won 'Best Apprentice' at the World Skills State Competition. He came third in the same category for in the Australia-wide competition. He moved back to New Zealand three months ago and has since competed at the New Zealand Nationals in a three man team, winning Master Butchers of the Year.

Haane is home for good and wants to give back by teaching rangatahi butchery skills. He would also like to teach people on different marae how to get the most out of a beast and share other ways of preparing meat for the table.

Tags: Ngāti Hine


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