Te Kahu o Taonui Prepare Kai for Whānau

Sept. 16, 2021, 7:35 p.m.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Te Kahu o Taonui has secured opportunities to strengthen food security for Taitokerau whānau in need. Most recently, the consortium of Taitokerau iwi organised large quantities of produce and groceries to be delivered to a warehouse in Whangarei, for pick up by iwi and hapū representatives and distribution to struggling whānau. 


Māriameno Kapa-Kingi of Te Aupōuri said, “Te Kahu o Taonui got access to the kai for Te Taitokerau through good working relationships with our agency partners in Te Taitokerau. So, Food Security, a big issue for us; this is a way of us getting our food and feeding our whānau.”


The availability and accessibility of kai for struggling whānau is a priority for iwi, especially now. Te Kahu o Taonui have also considered some whānau might be reluctant to come forward for help and consider this with distribution strategies. 


Babe Kapa of Ngā Puhi said, “Ngāpuhi have agreed through their takiwā to come to Whangarei and collect their individual takiwā consignments, and also out of the nine takiwā, the two takiwā have contributed their allocation back into takiwā based in Te Taitokerau.”


Mariameno Kapa-Kingi went on to say, “Te Hiku iwi will distribute the kai by working together, making sure that our whānau are looked after, they’re fed and they have kai on the table. So we’re collaborating, we’re working together to transport and distribute the kai.” 


As COVID-19 continues to impact on Aotearoa in an unpredictable manner, it presents a growing risk for food security in Te Taitokerau, and all stakeholders involved in food distributions.


Craig Wells of Ngāi Takoto said, “ Food security is vital for us, obviously if Auckland is still in level 4 that’s a risk, if there are more covid outbreaks down there, that runs the risk that we will run short of food, we will run short of kai.”


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