Photography - a modern day tool for Māori story-telling

Jan. 28, 2022, 12:33 a.m.

Rangatahi Ora Roa translates to ‘long live our youth’ and it’s the name of a community youth group in Kaeo, Whangaroa - a small town in the Far North.

The group was created to help young people of the area, borne out of the need for them to access support; as co-founder Ruth Heta recalled a time in high school where she had school friends that had passed away due to suicide.

It has now grown into a wider group, with support from families and volunteering parents and adults and children working collaboratively to organise events.

The first of five of the events took place in Kaeo and it was on the subject of Photography. Organised by Mei Adams, a member of the youth group, she worked with renowned Māori photographer Te Rāwhitiroa Bosch. Both of them decided to hold the wānanga in Te Reo Māori which was very unique, and helped to teach the students new vocabulary with regards to photography.

Ruth Heta is still involved with Rangatahi Ora Roa and next month is hosting another wānanga for the youth in Taipā which is going to be around the moana. It will involve teaching students how to collect kaimoana and will be held at the Maheatai block of land that was recently purchased last year by the crown.

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