Maitai Bay Covid Response

Jan. 28, 2022, 8:43 p.m.

Early December, Local iwi and hapu members announced the closing of Maitai Bay, a widely known hotspot for locals and tourists over the summer holidays. In an incentive to protect the local population from a Covid outbreak, Kataraina Rhind-Hetaraka (Ngāti Kahu, Kaimanaaki) mentions her main concern - the quantity of tamariki under the age of 12.

“Some of the whanau are definitely against the whole kaupapa, but when its their own mokopuna at risk, they might think differently”

Now, only after just launching the new Ngāti Kahu Mobile Vaccine Units, a shift of focus and hope for the tamariki on the Karikari Peninsula may be imminent. Gabrielle Mutu-Grigg (Pediatrcian, Kaimanaaki) discusess the new “Paediatric Pfizer COVID19 Vaccine” and why they’re excited to roll it out in the coming weeks. 

Ngāti Kahu is on track to its goal of climbing Te Tai Tokerau rates and creating safer environments for our Hapu and Iwi. 

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