Fire Safety Awareness

Feb. 4, 2022, 10:37 a.m.

The warm, dry climate of Te Tai Tokerau during summer can be a dream to holidaymakers and local communities but for the local fire brigade, it's their most hazardous time of the year.

Despite a strict fire ban, this season has seen one of New Zealand's most complex bushfires to date in Waiharara, looking at an estimate ​​loss of just over 2400ha with a perimeter of 50km according to Fire and Emergency NZ.

Burning since early December, the Waiharara area as well as a range of smaller incidents in the Karikari Peninsula and Ahipara have kept local residents on their toes. 

In the centre of all the chaos, is our local volunteer fire brigade battling day and night to ensure the safety of our community and surrounding area. 

Colin “Toss” Kitchen (Senior Station Officer) and Mitchell Brown (Community Risk Manager) have seen the effects of community and wildfires and can't stress enough the importance of fire safety management at this time. 

“We won't know what it is we’ve lost until we’ve lost it. And when we lose something to fire, the whole community is impacted” 

For more information on fire safety go to 

To create a safe fire exit plan for you and your whanau then check out 

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