100 Hoops Campaign

April 6, 2022, 11:43 a.m.

Basketball is regarded as Northland's number one sport in terms of community and rangatahi engagement. Despite this fact, we still lack adequate facilities to cater to the demand. This is where the '100 Hoops Campaign' by Northland Basketball was born.

An initiative spanning far across Te Tai Tokerau, Northland Basketball have secured around 100 basketball hoops, back boards and posts to establish sites for basketball, in, even the most isolated, of communities. 

Josh Port (General Manager, Northland Basketball) could see the effect, not having the appropriate sports facilities, has on communities around Te Tai Tokerau and pushed the campaign to resolve this issue.

“For too long, sports have required people to go to them, to engage into their sport. We thought we’d flip that idea on its head, and make it so anyone, anywhere, in Northland, can access a hoop for free and get out and enjoy the sport that we all love.” 

Caleb Ewen, a former basketball player, and a proud descendant of a far north small rural town, Te Kao, has seen the impact this hoop has had on his tamariki and rangatahi around the area. 

“Where I come from in Te Kao, there’s a couple hoops that have been put up at the school there, so I know it’ll be really beneficial for kids up there."

Northland Basketball alongside GameSide NZ, GrassRoots Trust, Oxford Sports Trust, Sports Northland, and community fundraisers, combined a donation of $130,000. This has been critical in funding the next step for Northland sports to begin gaining traction following the impact of COVID-19 and lack of proper facilities.

For more information, or to keep up to date with the ‘100 Hoops Campaign’ follow https://www.facebook.com/northlandbasketball

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