He Waka Eke Noa

May 11, 2022, 5 p.m.

Ngāti Kahu Social & Health Services were chosen as one of many different indigenous social organisations, to appear at the 6th Indigenous International Conference voices for Social Workers. When presented with the lengthy time slot to present on how they integrate indigenous practice into their social development scheme, Ngāti Kahu decided to showcase the iwi to the world and demonstrate knowledge of Waka - and the learnings they’ve followed with social work. 

Hemoata Tauroa, Kaihautū - Ngāti Kahu Social & Health Services, shows a lot of passion towards this framework and ideology. Taking on the responsibility of the Kaihautū; meaning: Leader, one who gives the time for paddlers in a waka.

“For my position as Kaihautū, that's the person that has a vision. So that they can see far and beyond to take us on that journey. 

However, Kaihautū is no good without kaihoe, so it was really describing the importance of everyone in the waka.”

Dave Lasike, IT Lead, had taken on the role of piecing the story together for presenting. He saw the overall value in communicating these analogies and ideologies around te Ao. 

“What we’re presenting to the indigenous people is this kind of waka as a framework. What is that framework; Well we’re breaking up the waka and describing the different segments in terms of the waka and how they relate to the kind of mahi that we do.”

With a clear vision and steady mind, Ngāti Kahu Social and Health Services have proven one thing on their journey along the way, ‘He Waka eke noa’.

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