Hapū Go To High Court Over Poroti Springs

June 22, 2022, 7:28 p.m.

Last week hapū members of Te Uriroroi, from Maungarongo marae in Poroti, went to the High Court in Wellington to try and get their case over Poroti Springs transferred to Maori Land Court. 

This has been a long-fought battle that they have been fighting for over a decade and they say that if their tūpuna didn't get the spring and the land surrounding changed to a reserve for the three hapū of Whatitiri, they would have lost the battle a long time ago.

The people of Poroti want a say in the control and governance of the water alongside the Northland Regional Council and would also like to have a share in the financial benefits that the horticultural industry has benefited from as a result of the access to the water from their tūpuna spring.


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