Trust Restores Whenua to Hapū

July 5, 2022, 3:58 p.m.

Te Waiariki, Ngāti Korora and Ngāti Takapari hapū are overjoyed that Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust was successful in purchasing their tūpuna whenua, Pi Manu.

In late 2021 hapū found out that the land, that has wāhi tapu, was being sold and a group called the Ngunguru Sandspit Society made up of local ratepayers was trying to raise funds to buy the land.

This prompted them to form a working group called Te Matakiria o Ngunguru that was tasked with trying to return the land to the traditional owners.

Four hui were held since December last year and the consensus from attendees and wider whānau was to formerly ask Pūkahakaha East 5B Trust if they would be able to place a bid on behalf of the three hapū.

Members of the Trust and the hapū talk to us about the successful purchase and their hopes and dreams now that the whenua is back under their control.


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