Whananaki Driving Their Own Future

Aug. 15, 2022, 6:54 p.m.

Community-led Development (CLD) is a Crown-funded partnership that gives communities the power to make decisions about where investment is best suited for their community.

Over the past 5 years, the Community-led Development has been working on projects to improve the wider Whananaki area with a shared vision from all sectors of the community.

Some of the tangible outcomes are solar panels fitted on the local fire station and library, a native plant nursery at Whakapaumahara Marae and a 3D printing facility at Whananaki School. There are also plans to build a community hub at the marae and more work on cleaning up Te Wairahi awa.

A culturally, caring, connected community is one of the mission statements for the kaupapa and this has brought together different parts of the community to create a legacy for future generations.

Darren Collins, Community Advisor from the Department of Internal Affairs says "CLD is about going where the energy is and the energy has primarily been from the marae and hapū. Gradually that's building momentum and people are beginning to understand a bit more about what community-led development is".

The outcomes of the kaupapa are determined by the Community and they decide what projects benefit their people through a collaboration of local leadership and asking the residents what the future looks like for their area.


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