$35m To FNDC For Better Off Funding, Hapū Leaders Raise Concerns

Sept. 13, 2022, 7:32 p.m.

Earlier this year the government released a fund related to the 3 Waters Reform called Better Off Funding, the main aim of the fund is community wellness.

The objectives include housing, infrastructure, climate change, wellness and local needs.

Iwi Leaders of Te Taitokerau are concerned about the lack of engagement, consultation, sharing of information and that local hapū are supposed to be involved in the design and implementation of the 35 million dollar fund.

Huhana Lyndon of Te Kahu o Taonui says "Better of Funding provides clear expectations on how Councils are to work with Maori impacted by the proposed projects". She said, "they have not come to them about the fund despite, meetings between themselves and council occurring on a regular basis and are very disappointed with the lack of engagement".

Te Rarawa CEO George Riley said, "it's not like they live in the dark ages and don't know where we are, it's not like we are savages living out in the bush and unable to be engaged with".

Mr Riley goes on to say " Councillors, for a minute, don't think this is the end game. It's the start game, so please think about how we can engage better in the co-design and funding prioritization criteria for this funding". 

The Far North District Council have been approached for their response to this issue, but as of publication, we have not had a response.


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