Rongoā Mātauranga For Whānau

Sept. 14, 2022, 4:41 p.m.

A hui held at Hihiaua in Whangārei to connect whānau with rongoā and maramataka mātauranga Māori was attended by hapū members of Ngāti Wai and community members to reconnect whānau with their taiao/environment.

Rongoā Māori practitioner, Donna Kerridge, was one of the kaikōrero and hoped "mana is restored into our traditional practice by sharing the knowledge" that was passed down to her from her elders.

Te Kaurinui Parata said, "with rongoā Māori, with the education, the mātauranga that you learn about some of these tāonga that are rongoā for us, is before that, learning about how they are rongoā for each other".

Their hopes are that it becomes common practice again and the dream for Kerridge is "that when my Mokopuna are my age, that there are no teachers like me, that it is in every home and every parent and every child see rongoā as their go-to first and foremost".

She feels the responsibility to share the knowledge so it is there for everyone who needs it.

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