Whare Kai Social Supermarket Clients Access Food Affordably

Nov. 11, 2022, 2:38 p.m.

The 155 Whare Āwhina in Whangārei saw the need for a social supermarket due to the cost of living increases affecting families and individuals in the community's accessibility to affordable food and met this issue head-on.

With an increase in people accessing their services for assistance, they rebranded to 'Whare Kai', a social supermarket in partnership with Foodstuff NZ.

They wanted to ensure they had a balance between supporting people accessing their services while ensuring their clients felt their mana and dignity remained intact.

Myra Tapsell says, "I know there's lots of whānau out there who work full-time and still find it hard to provide the basic needs".

"Don't be whakamā to come to ask for help, because that's what we are here for", says Samantha Cassidy, Wharekai Supermarket Co-ordinator.


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