8 Homes Built On Papakāinga In Ngāwha

Nov. 17, 2022, 2:47 p.m.

Just under 4 years ago, Ivan Hauraki saw that housing was looking bleak for his whānau living in the city and life was getting harder to make ends meet.

Ivan reflected on his family's situation and thought, "we need to bring our people home, to the whenua and see if we can put them into houses ".

A hui was organised with the landowners to decide what they were going to do with the Papakainga Whenua they had in Ngawha and how it could best be utilised to help Whanau.

After that Wananga it was decided that Housing would be the best use of the land, the Kaupapa was set and the journey to build housing on their Whanau Land began.

With the first stage complete Ivan and the Ahu Whenua Trust are planning to put up a further 5 houses to add to the 8 houses that Whanau are living in.

Tags: Whakata Maori Housing


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