Kaimahi At Taimahi Fulfilling Potential

Nov. 29, 2022, 9:02 p.m.

In 2008, Rachel Hill started a coffee cart to provide meaningful employment for her disabled son Nathan and two of his friends.

The coffees were popular, the business grew and the dream was born that saw Taimahi Trust established to provide employment opportunities for people with physical and intellectual disabilities that were having major difficulties finding work in the community.

Realising how hard it was for her son after leaving school to find employment and knowing how much he and others had to offer, Rachel and fellow trustees decided to provide the opportunities that were on offer to the wider community.

The trust was formed by Rachel and Alison Faith and today operates a diverse range of businesses which include the coffee cart, 'Earth and Honey', an online store that provides sustainable eco-friendly products, drive-thru food, fresh vegetables and a retail store.

The store was made possible with funding from the Provincial Growth Fund, grants and the hard work of many.

As well as providing employment for young adults living with disabilities, they also build micro-enterprises that create long-term jobs that teach real-life work skills, independence and a sense of belonging in a community that often overlooks the skills they have to offer, given the chance.

Operations Manager Dave Hovell says, "It's about getting people employed doing awesome mahi in the community, so that's our number one priority taking typically unemployed people with disabilities who may have struggled to find work in the past and creating something meaningful that they can do that adds value in society".

The Trust tries to offer the skills, experiences and opportunities for their employees, who in the past have been marginalised, so they can flourish and reach their full potential.


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