International Race Relations Day 2023 "TRUTH SPOKEN TRUTH HEARD"

March 21, 2023, 5 p.m.

The Courageous Conversation Aotearoa Foundation (CCAF) is excited to partner with The British Council New Zealand and the Pacific to present Truth Spoken Truth Heard 2023 for International Race Relations Day 2023. We believe, “When the truth is spoken, and the truth is heard, consciousness is raised, and when the truth is spoken and heard, healing takes place”

Hosted by Te Hiku Media and Radio Waatea on Tuesday, 21 March, on the occasion of International Race Relations Day, the focus of Truth Spoken Truth Heard will be to celebrate, reflect and honour the legacy of social justice leaders and movements within Aotearoa and overseas and also uplift emerging thought leaders and creatives, bringing intergenerational perspectives together to inspire and build the capability of our communities to ‘rise’ and speak their collective truth.

On International Race Relations Day in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we explore what a racially equitable Aotearoa grounded in Te Tiriti means to you and what it means to us. The courageous steps we take on the journey to get there. Truth Spoken, Truth Heard 2023

Guest speakers are:  

Glenn E Singleton: Founder of Courageous Conversation®

AKALA: UK poet-artist, rapper and author (supported by The British Council New Zealand and the Pacific)

Ripeka Evans: Chair Courageous Conversation Aotearoa Foundation

Kat Poi: Co-Director Courageous Conversation Aotearoa Foundation 

Dr Matthew Farry: Executive Director Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute

Meng Foon: Race Relations Commissioner of New Zealand

Moss Te Ururangi Patterson: Co-Director Courageous Conversation Aotearoa Foundation

With guest artists: Puoro Jerome and Favour Gift 

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