SUDI - Whakawhetu

Nov. 29, 2016, 9:15 p.m.

Sudden infant death syndrome, has a long history within Aotearoa especially within Māori whānau.  In this episode of Haukāinga we catch up with Lisa McNab from whakawhetu to talk about some of the whakaaro Māori centered practices that are saving the lives of infants across the motu

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Lisa McNab: Safe Sleep Day

An annual event brought to you by Whakawhetu
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Mana & Māori Party signing an Agreement to increase Maori seats

Aunty Girlie Clarke speaks with Lisa McNab about the agreement made between Mana and Maori Party
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Acknowledgement of Depression

Lisa McNab speaks on depression and available services for Māori
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Whānau support for gate Closure

Lisa McNab acknowledges all the whānau who have supported te Rarawa in their stance against the desecration of the Pou Whenua
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