Waitangi Day, What Does It Mean to You?

Feb. 6, 2017, 8:02 p.m.

Waitangi has always been recieved with mixed emotions, covered by negative media and used as one of New Zealand's biggest political forums.   the big question was however, what does the everyday New Zealander think of Waitangi Day commemorations?

We went out in and around Waitangi to ask everyday New Zealanders what they thought about Waitangi day and the celebrations.  

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Te Mirumiru Early Childcare Centre

Friday, 3rd February 2017 marks the 5th Birthday of Te Mirumiru Early Childcare Centre.
4 years, 10 months

D'Angelo Martin - Te Matatini

D'Angelo (Tūturu Māori) Is on his way to Matatini
4 years, 9 months

Our Iconic Kiwi

The numbers of Kiwi are on the rise, thanks to a network of community groups working together to keep our Kiwi safe.
4 years, 9 months

Kiwi Corridor

Kiwi numbers are on the rise.
4 years, 9 months