Te Matatini - Brings Out The Best Pukana

Feb. 25, 2017, 11:03 p.m.

You get to see some awesome pukana at Te Matatini. Observing the pukana is like watching someones wairua (spirit) burst out of their bodies for a moment. Pukana is sometimes described as the body as a nexus between that outside the individual and that within. Te Matatini, the kapa haka Oymlpics involves competitors giving their best pukana in thier performaces. Aperahama Edwards of Ngati Wai explains the roots of the pukana from a Te Taitokerau perspective. The wider whanau attending Te Matatini also share korero in this video about what the pukana means to them. Check it out whanau you might see one of your whanaunga. 

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