The Hātea Catchment

Aug. 8, 2017, 10:50 a.m.

Lorna Douglas works as the farm plan manager at the Northland Regional Council. After completing a survey of the Hātea catchment the council found only 10% of the land had effective fencing. As a result the council created a fund to help farmers and landowners fence off waterways on their properties thus ensuring the protection of  the waterways from run-off and stock. The Ministry for the Environment have become involved recently, which has given a boost to the grant allowing people to access it. A significant number of community groups are working together to create better water quality for the community.


Coral Clay and Creativity

Creating sculpture and art with coral influences
11 months, 2 weeks

Tūtira Mai Ngā iwi

Whangārei's Hātea Kapa haka group welcome the Lions Rugby team
11 months, 2 weeks

Cookie Time

Nathan Solly's baking skills help those in need.
11 months, 2 weeks

The Kuaka Returns to Pārengarenga

Every August the Pārengareanga harbour welcomes the kuaka otherwise known as the godwit, back to Aotearoa.
11 months, 1 week