Cookie Time

Aug. 8, 2017, 11:22 a.m.

A drive passed two run down homes triggered Nathan Solly’s serious concern for the families who lived there. This resulted in Nathan asking himself how he could help. “What could he do?” His baking skills  answered this question and Nathan planned, prepared and began cooking. With family support the result was a large range of cookies which were sold at his school. The money raised was used to support food banks and parcels. The final outcome emphasisied the generosity of our communities  and how a young man’s idea can make a huge difference.


The Kuaka Returns to Pārengarenga

Every August the Pārengareanga harbour welcomes the kuaka otherwise known as the godwit, back to Aotearoa.
11 months, 1 week

The Mermaid Bait

Northland band, Mermaid Bait share their musical journey.
11 months

Kitten Conundrum

The wandering habit of cats, along with their need for more than one home,  have been identified as the number one reason behind
11 months

Hikurangi Global Connection

A new fibre connection to Hikurangi will provide accessibility and a digital future for the residents.
11 months