Better Access to Doctors Via Digital Media

Oct. 9, 2017, 9:59 a.m.

Dr Lance O'Sullivan, is the Founder and Chair of the Moko Foundation who's vision is connecting people with opportunities for a better Aotearoa New Zealand. In this short video Lance explains how digital health technology can contribute to solving challenges of access to doctors in remote areas, and also access to health care information. The convergence of digital technologies with health and healthcare will enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicines easier to obtain. 

A new project at the Moko Foundation is Mai Health, it's a digital health care platform for virtual doctor/patient interaction, it's the virtual  "doctor's appointment". The project is already changing the way in which patients in Kaitaia access doctors for diagnosis and, if required, prescriptions. Lance is also doing something similar with the community of Patea in South Taranaki, who were without a doctor until digital health access technology made health accessible again. 

Business in general is inceasingly required to do more with less, and more efficiently. The way in which people access health care is being changed through digitital disruption, and this is great for people that live in commuinties where health acess is difficult. The future will see more integration of consumer apps and devices, and this will increase comprehensive healthcare acess for whanau living remotely or in areas without doctors. As a matter of convenience, and regardless of where someone lives some people may prefer digital health care access to the traditional doctors visit. 





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