Nearing Census Time Again

Oct. 13, 2017, 10:49 a.m.

Once again, that time has come around where we are required (by law) to participate in the most substantial survey we may ever undertake, for the next 5 years. Yes, it's Census and it's happening March 6th 2018. Pomana Taniwha, Census Engagement Advisor for the Far North tells us the benefits and importance of participating in the upcoming Census.

The statistics gained from census give government a better understanding of whats happening in our communities, for instance, housing and overcrowding, roading and transport, education and employment, sports and recreation, health and health services. Census is also used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of previous policies of local and central governments. The more informed the government is of our communities situation the better chance we have at receiving the proper amount of help because everyone is counted. It's more than counting the population. Local businesses can also use census data to assess consumer demand of products and consumer trends.

The Privacy Act 1993 protects any personal information gained from your Census form by Statistics NZ. Your personal information, ie name and address, are only on record that you participated, any and all other information is anonymised and becomes a statistic in the total of all data collected from every participant in Aotearoa NZ. Statistics NZ are required by law to have safeguards in place to make sure that there is no connection between you as a person and the information given through your census form. Statistics NZ guarantees us that no government agency or otherwise can obtain personal information from them. They (government agencies or otherwise) can only gain statistics and data.


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