The Way To Save Our Giant Taonga?

Oct. 25, 2017, 9:35 a.m.

Kauri Rescue recently had their Northland launch in Whangarei earlier this month. Kauri Rescue is a rather new project seeking engagement between scientists, the general public and private land owners to work together to treat Dieback in Kauri already suffering from the disease.

Since the phytophthora (phytophthora agathadicida - kauri dieback) was identified, authorities have struggled to muster a best-practice response. The Kauri Rescue project leader Dr Ian Horner and his team of scientists along with iwi and private landowners have been trialing Phosphite as a way of treating kauri that already have the Dieback disease. So far the tests look good with promising results in stopping further growth of the disease in infected kauri, some showing signs of remission and growing healthy bark under the infected layer.

They do warn that Phosphite is not a cure. Getting the dosage right for each individual kauri is not yet a perfected science which is one of the reasons why they seek to engage iwi and private landowners that have infected kauri on their properties to work together and help refine the phosphite treatments therefore benefiting everyone involved in the project.

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