Exposing Hauora at the Marae

May 18, 2018, 1:51 p.m.

Hokianga Health have started a series of Marae Expos to promote Wellbeing Services in their outreach areas to break down the barriers which they hope will enable all people in their catchment zones to access the hauora services they provide.

Patricia Dargaville of Hokianga Health says that their heading to marae in Hokianga as clients often find it more comfortable than GP clinics and hospitals.

'We're taking our overview of health and delivering it to whanau on their marae. We want to make sure whanau are aware, informed and supported', say Mrs Dargaville.

Maori and Pacific Islanders are often highly represented in New Zealand health statistics and these are areas that Hokianga Health are promoting. They include education around healthy eating, Rheumatic Fever, Dental Hygiene and other health issues. 

These expos also aim to introduce participants to shared understanding of traditional maori concepts and practices in relation to health and wellbeing such as Rongoa Maori. Rongoa has been introduced into Maori/Iwi Health providers to bring back traditional healing methods that are often still used by many of our whanau.


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