Pink Shirts Do The Loop

June 13, 2018, 11:58 a.m.

In 2017 fifteen-year-olds in New Zealand were reporting the second-highest rate of bullying out of 51 countries 

Pink Shirt Day looks at how to eliminate bullying in the workplace, schools and our communities. Staff and students of the Regent Training Centre were at Whangarei’s town basin with other members of the community to walk the loop wearing their bright pink shirts in support of this cause.  Alan Tidswell from the Regent Training Centre, talks about why they organised the day and how they think an event and cause like this can really change negative aspects of our community, such as bullying. Alan talks a lot about diversity, being positive about the fact that we are all different and that this is something we should celebrate.


More information about Pink Shirt Day and bullying in general can be found here:


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