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Aug. 7, 2018, 10:16 a.m.

Imagine living in a small home that generated it’s own electricity and captured it’s own water. Imagine you could build this home yourself all for a very affordable price. Now imagine how different your life would be if you were free from debt? This is exactly what Northland couple Jared Hiakita and Rangimārie Mules asked themselves before they started their journey to living a minimalist lifestyle. The couple is based in Motukauri, a small kāinga between Kohukohu and Panguru their effort to build a tiny home is coming to fruition. 

For some, the thought of living a lifestyle of downsizing, sacrifice and compromise would be daunting, however as the cost of living in Aotearoa becomes evermore expensive and the dream of home ownership is lost for most average New Zealander's, people are seeking alternatives. One of the trends is ‘Tiny Homes’ and it’s minimalist lifestyle.

Jared and Rangimārie are in the process of building their own tiny house or ‘Whare Paku’.  Jared talks about what it means to him saying "It's about self-determination, it's about tino rangatiratanga" For Jared and Rangimārie downsizing or minimalist living is about being able to put more time and value in to the things that are important to them and not being tied down to a 9 to 5 job for decades to pay the rent or a mortgage. Rangimārie say's "We really wanted to have a realistic goal that we could thrive towards and tiny house seemed like it was achievable" Rangimārie goes on to say "We really weren't keen on a 30 year debt to achieve that moemoeā (dream)" 

Jared makes comment about the limited space in their Whare Paku saying “it forces us to make the most of our surroundings.” Their tiny home bringing them closer to the taiao (environment) making it part of the kāinga (home) is also a big attraction for Rangimārie where the environment becomes part of their living space.

The average size home in NZ is 199m2. Jared and Rangimārie’s Whare Paku is 20m2 on the ground floor with another 5m2 above the kitchen for a loft where their sleeping quarters is situated making a total 25m2 inside their tiny home. Houses these days are getting bigger and bigger and affordability is becoming less and less,  houses with big voids that have no use yet you’re spending precious time, money and resources on things that have no value, it just clutters your life. Jared goes on to say “Anyone can downscale and minimise their lives in  small ways or big ways it comes down to your priorities and experiences growing up.”

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