Wāhine Empowered By Self Defence

Aug. 10, 2018, 3:41 p.m.

David Gray is helping our wāhine as well as our whānau by teaching them about self-defence to protect themselves in all different circumstances. 

As a 1st Dan Black Belt instructor in Tae Kwan Do & qualified in assisting whānau who have been affected by abuse, neglect and violence; he is providing his expertise to the community as he believes self defence is an essential life skill. His introductory class teaches basic verbal, physical and distraction techniques. Gray has simplified his martial arts skills down to one or two moves and he says" its gotta work in a time of high stress and its gotta work efficiently with a big guy" Gray is 6 foot 4 and over 100kgs Gray goes on to say "with these techniques I can get little ladies of 5 foot nothing to toss me like a salad". Likening these skill to a drivers licence and reiterating that it is a sill that every women should have Gray closes by saying "a cars easy to replace but you've only got one of you".

For more information or if you keen to attend one of his self-defence classes ranging from one-off basic training to a 6 week course, you can head to http://www.selfdefense.org.nz/.


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