Zonta Book Sale A Local Triumph

Aug. 13, 2018, 9:37 a.m.

How many local charities is Zonta helping this year? Well the list is long!

Zonta has thrown another great book sale at Forum North in Whangārei with all funds raised going to charity. Sourcing the books to sell is easy with such a generous local community donating every book. Anne Richards, the big boss at Zonta, talks about the book sale, the generous community, and why Zonta do it. 

Richard's explains how Zonta is an organisation mainly of women and says "We are here to empower women, health, safety, education, employment, equality"

Sonya Jones attended the book sale and liked the variaty of selection, affordability and that the money goes to a good place. Jones says "going to the book sales has really helped me learn alot about Zonta and what they do for the community"

Helping charities such as R Tucker Thompson, Women’s Refuge, and Grandchildren, the Zonta Book Sale is a stroke of genius on behalf of the organisation. When Zonta isn’t throwing a book sale, they’re always doing something to help and support women in our community.

Zonta’s New Zealand website can be found here, packed full of information: https://zonta.org.nz/


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