Mums Make Marvelous Marketplace

Aug. 13, 2018, 9:47 a.m.

The Collective Marketplace is consistently a success for all involved! The Collective Marketplace is held at Forum North in Whangarei. 
The Marketplace allows local mums, local business women, to come together in a supportive environment to sell their products. Mara Schneider talks about her involvement and emphasises the importance of the event for not only the women involved, but the community. Schnieder says "it makes us (mums) feel less isolated, it makes us feel appreciated, valued and we actually feel like we're doing something for our families". Schneider is involved with many local projects, many of which are her own initiatives. More information about her work, or contact details can be found here:

The business owners may be women but the event itself, and the products sold, are popular among all - men, women, young & old. Tae Rawhiti is one young attendee who sees the events value for both the business women and those attending, such as himself and his family. 


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