Cheese Bronze For Northland

Aug. 28, 2018, 10:06 a.m.

Grinning Gecko is an artisan Cheese Factory in Whangārei, Northland. Catherine McNamara started the business a few years ago and now they’re nailing it on the world stage. McNamara and her team entered a competition in the UK, which she referred to as “the olympics of cheese”The Grinning Gecko Cheesemaker, Zev Kaka-Holtz, entered the competetion and came out with bronze - a great victory for him, Grinning Gecko and Northland. Zev took up the job as a cheesemakers assistant around three years ago and has since taken over the main role from McNamara. Being so new, McNamara believes Zev winning bronze is a true testament to his natural talent as a cheesemaker. Zev talks about an acronym of his REACT which stand for Respect, Effort, Attention, Care & Time. Zen also beleives when this is applied to anything you do it will be successful. 

More information about Grinning Gecko can be found here:


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