Your Workplace Productivity & Maramataka

Aug. 31, 2018, 9:17 p.m.

Applying ancient wisdom of the Maramataka to improve modern workplace productivity. Indigenous peoples have long practiced Maramataka since ancient times to improve productivity so that no energy is wasted on fruitless harvests. Maramataka nowadays is commonly used in growing crops and fishing however applying the teachings of maramataka to everyday life is something that Heeni Hoterene and husband Rueben Taipari-Porter have been doing for over 12 years. Heeni and Rueben are now teaching how to use the Māori systems framework of maramataka in the workplace.

"If our whānau working in organisations can use maramataka to better align themselves with their team and to deliver better services to their clients, that is a good thing" says Heeni.

Maramataka, which literally means the turning of the moon, marks the phases of the moon in a lunar month. Ancient beliefs that the moon influences not only tidal flows but also physical and spiritual energy flows. This is where Heeni believes that the Maramataka can be used in the workplace to improve our productivity with increased beneficial outcomes.

Heeni reminds us that our tūpuna always planned for there activities and asks the question "why are we existing without effective planning" and goes on to say "what better tool to use than our maramataka"



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