Man Up The New Approach

Sept. 4, 2018, 10:28 a.m.

Man Up, is a non-government funded program, transforming many Māori males into better men, not only the individual but also his whānau and wider community.

We look at how a handful of men have turned their lives around and they are now leading new successful lives free from addictions, gang life and domestic violence, advocating and encouraging other men to join the program. Men ‘who have been there’ are able to help those who need that same sort of help as the issues are recognised for what they are.

The influence of a non-mainstream religion to create positive lifestyles that transform Māori men can only contribute to a healthier more successful community.

International Director for Man Up Caine Warren adds "We are making better men, better partners and better farthers for our families"

Jay Hepi talks bout the reasons why he turned to man up and how it helped him heal. Hepi simply explains the template they work by "you fix the man in the family, you fix the family" elborating on that Hepi say "A man allows whatever comes through his door into his house, if you allow crack to come into your door, into your house, you're allow distruction to come through and only a man can get it out of that door" 


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