Employment Reducing Re-Offending

Sept. 4, 2018, 10:33 a.m.

Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis speaks to the topic of employment for offenders exiting from prisons but more importantly giving ex-prisoners a chance to prove himself in society. 

"Theres a couple of fine examples of guys who've got that second chance and they've made the most of it" Minister Davis adds "They're not only doing good for their bosses and their work but for their whānau and mainly for themselves"

Micheal Shelford talks of how much it means to him knowing that his employers Downers have his back. Micheals dream is to get in to human resources and on another positive note Micheal says "Anybody that's in the system never give up there's always better days around the corner"  

There is a life after prison and education is a key to unlocking the talent behind those doors. The support from all agencies – justice, education, social welfare etc - is critical to the success of any program for inmate rehabilitation to reduce re-offending.

Education creates an environment to help make good decisions about ones future for the benefit of the community and as our young interviewee encouragingly points out ‘don’t give up’.


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