Social Media and The Evolved Ngāpuhi Mandate - YES or NO?

Dec. 7, 2018, 5:44 p.m.

Social Media influencers Huhana Lyndon and Penetaui Kleskovic have a lot in common insomuch as they want the best for the iwi of Ngāpuhi. However they have very different points of view regarding the evolved Ngāpuhi mandate.

Both young, social media savvy professionals, they are both advocates of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori, they are both passionate about their communities and both of them are Ngāpuhi.

Today is the final day for individuals (registered members of the iwi) to cast a vote for or against the evolved Ngāpuhi mandate. Monday will see the last of the hapū positions counted and then some analysis of the overall position of the iwi will take place. Huhana and Penetaui answer a series of questions about their position on the evolved mandate.

The final week of the Evolved Mandate voting process has become feverish online but one thing is people are being encouraged to vote. They have both been out there and online encouraging people to vote, but this is where they differ, one of them is voting Āe and the other Kāhore.

Penetaui has voted Āe and asks what are the other options to progress forward if you are to say no? Huhana has voted Kāhore and emphasises the fact that the stage one report is invisible within this Evolved Mandate proposal and that her kuia and kaumātua have serious concerns.

Hapū rangatiratanga is a recurring theme on both sides and they both encourage and welcome engagement with whānau, hapū and iwi to make informed decisions.

Here we gain some insights into what motivates them to take the stance they have.There are still a number of hapū hui to be held before the close of business on Monday and right now things are looking neck and neck.

Whakarongo mai, mātakitaki mai ki ēnei uri o Ngāpuhi.


Tags: Treaty Partnerships


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