Mini Mods Carving Up Future Kiwis

May 6, 2019, 4:24 p.m.

Launched under the banner of Taitokerau Rugby League, the junior TRL Mini-Mods have kicked off for their 2019 Mini-Mods league season in the Far North.

Junior Developement Officer, Kally Whitley says the club hopes to expand league in the Far North with tournaments like this.

"There are some really great kids and players up here. We're providing them with the neccessary tools to help kick-start potential future league careers. They're hungry for it," said Whitley.

Alongside Kelly Whitley as Junior Developement Officer is Jim Larkin whos keen eye for the game has seen him sit on national selection panels and is highly regarded in the industry.

"We're really lucky to have Jim onboard with us, he's really good at what he does and the kids really like him," said Whitley.

Taitokerau Rigby League recently hosted a fundraising event where major sponsor - The Owen Glen Foundation aswell as a celebrity auction assisted in raising funds to get the tournament going. The club are asking for community participation with coach and sideline help.

For more information on the tournament or how you can help, contact Kally Whitley on 022 642 2638.


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