Kura Launches Interactive Storybook

May 17, 2019, 9:40 a.m.

An interactive storybook app has been launched by Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Whangaroa, Turikatuku - Te wahine taki wairua. 

The app tells the story of Turikatuku, a prominent female puhi from Whangaroa. It documents Turikatuku's whakapapa , the history of her people, and important events that impacted them in the early 1800's

TKKM o Whangaroa Chairman Terry Smith says "fortunately we had the support of the whānau and a lot of people with different skills to bring it together. If you want something to happen then you make it happen"

The app builder and CEO of Kiwa Digital Steven Renata comments "It's incredibly important that local history is taught in the kura, researched by the whānau, the tamariki, the rangatahi, the kaiako.. and to be able to bring that together in a format that is contempory and accessible in this day and age."

This tāonga responds to the need for authentic local te reo content derived from a mātauranga Māori perspective.

"As often happens is other people write about you and they don't acknowlege the people and who those stories belong to. It's really important for us to take ownership of that. Our whole kaupapa is about Whangaroatanga, our stories, our history, our language, our tikanga." says Smith

The app was developed as part of the - Increasingly Digital Project, which explored the access and use of Aotearoa New Zealand teaching and learning resources. The National Library of New Zealand led this project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and other partners.

Elizabeth Jones, National Manager, Learning Futures and Development at National Library of New Zealand says "critically from our point of view is showing what the impact is when really important local stories, sometimes stories that have been lost, are brought to light again and are able to be shared widely."

Renata comments that "Being able to bring the software to the local rohe and let them build the apps is the next step for us... where they're curating and producing their kōrero whether it be a story of a tupuna or something to do with modern day context."

Local kaumatua Hemi Epiha says "this the start, I can see so much benefits.. it has real potential."

Fellow kaumatua Waitai Tua says "it's another kaupapa of how we can find out who we are, where we come from through technology."

The app is available from both iTunes Store and Google Play Store.





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