The MOKO Programme

March 24, 2016, 1:28 p.m.

The Moko Programme's goal is to stop rheumatic fever in all tamariki, by locating children with Streptococcus A and putting them on a 10 day antibiotics plan. The number of children saved thanks to the Moko Programme is well over the hundreds, and every week they're finding more in need of the MOKO Team's help.   

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Toi Tangata

Learn about the Toi Tangata services that are available in the Tai Tokerau.
7 years, 2 months

Te Oranga - Family Start Programme

Learn about the Te Oranga - Family Start Programme which provides family focused, child centered and home-based services.
7 years, 2 months

Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services

Learn about how Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services deliver a Kaupapa Maori Service for Iwi's of Te Tai Tokerau.
7 years, 2 months

Hapu Ora Midwifery Services

Learn how Hapu Ora Midwifery Services can help and support Wahine and baby while going through pregnancy.
7 years, 2 months