#how2maori Teaser

Need to learn how to enter a marae? So do the Rāpiti whānau from the Big Smoke.
3 years, 4 months

Reconnecting Māori with their roots

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The series follows the Rāpiti whānau who recently moved back home from the Big Smoke. We follow them on their journey to reconnect with their Māori roots and to learn how to Māori. The series plays on the fear and humour found in learning tikanga Māori and marae protocol, and it allows the audience to join the Rāpiti whānau as they discover their whānau marae and relatives.

Tahi the father of family hasn’t been to his marae in years. His Pākehā wife, Liz, has never been to their marae and is craving whānau acceptance.  Their daughter Carrie is preoccupied with her cell phone and can’t understand why her cousins keep calling her plastic. Their son Mana wants to know more about his Māori culture and has learned a few Māori phrases.  The whānau are attending their great Aunt's 80th birthday at the whānau marae. Things don’t start off so well but lucky their at home and not at someone else's marae.